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I did Pelvic Floor PT elsewhere and I still have issues. How can you help me?

Give us a try! We have a lot of hands on experience under our belt treating pelvic specific diagnoses. We are the pelvic health experts! Some clinics claim to have a "pelvic health PT" on staff, when in reality, it may be someone with very little interest or training in this specialty. It would be our suggestion to try again! Let us assess and discuss our plan of care with you. Let us be your "game changer!"

How long is each session?

Each evaluation is 60 minutes of 1-on-1 care so that the physical therapist can fully assess the "whole person" as well as provide very specialized assessment skills that pelvic floor PTs use. Each follow up visit is also 60 minutes of 1-on-1 care to allow adequate time for manual therapy techniques as well as a variety of exercises. 

Will my evaluation include an internal examination?

Most likely yes, as long as you consent. The assessment does not involve a speculum or any tools, and is just the therapist's gloved and lubricated finger. An internal assessment (either vaginally or rectally) is the gold standard of addressing and understanding the root cause of pelvic floor dysfunction, but ultimately you are in control and can opt out of anything at any time! There are a lot of external interventions that are also very beneficial.