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Pelvic Affinity

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The first step in your pelvic wellness journey!

Finally resolve your bladder and bowel concerns, pelvic/hip/low back pain, pregnancy & postpartum issues with EXPERTS in the field of pelvic floor physical therapy!

"If URINE trouble call Dr. Ashley and Dr. Alli!"

We proudly serve Northwest Indiana


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What We Treat

  • Urinary symptoms including leakage, urgency, frequency, incomplete emptying
  • Bowel dysfunction-constipation, abdominal pain
  • Vaginal and Rectal Pain including tailbone pain & pain with sex
  • Pregnancy-low back, hip, or groin pain
  • Birth Prep-prepping tissues for birth and bearing down mechanics
  • Postpartum-vaginal, c-section, diastasis recti
  • Prolapse
  • Core pelvic issues-wanting to feel stronger in general or preventative care¬†
  • Orthopedic pelvic pain-hip and low back
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What people are saying about Pelvic Affinity:

Joy C.

"Pelvic Floor Therapy at Pelvic Affinity was a game changer! It's something that I feel I cannot keep silent! It has not just helped me with my pregnancy, but has helped me with my day-to-day living!"

Ashley R.

"Everyone NEEDS Dr. Ashley Weiner in their life! Whether you think your pelvic floor is healthy or needs work, Dr. Ashley is the person you need to see. I started seeing her during my third trimester of pregnancy due to round ligament pain. I thought she would just address the round ligament pain, but she went above and beyond addressing that issue. She ensured that I was amply prepared for a natural childbirth. She taught me how to use the correct muscles without damaging them and helped me to be more confident in my abilities as a woman and a mother. If you are thinking about starting pelvic PT, stop thinking and just do it!!"

James O.

"At first, I was embarrassed to discuss my issues with anyone, yet Dr. Alli made me feel at ease and her professional manner assured me that I could complete this therapy. She explained every aspect of my treatment so that I understood what we were doing and why. I would highly recommend Dr. Alli to any of my friends or family!"

Why Choose Pelvic Affinity:

(pssst...we are WAY MORE than just Kegels!)

You will receive 1-1 care for 60 minutes with the same therapist at each and every visit. Never toggled around with multiple therapists or handed off to an aide. Comfortable, private treatment rooms in a PELVIC HEALTH ONLY clinic. 

We are WAY MORE than just Kegels. We offer a comprehensive approach to treatment. No "one size fits all" protocols. We evaluate and treat what we find and understand every person is different. You will never be left alone to do exercises or be sitting by yourself with an ice pack. 

Get all of your questions answered by a passionate pelvic health physical therapist. You will always be speaking with a real human, getting real answers, no confusion. 

Our therapists are BOTH Certified Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioners (PRPC) who have spent countless hours studying and learning to specialize in pelvic rehab.

You will be seeing a PT who does only this, and who isn't trying to balance 2-4 patients at once in a large gym space. You deserve this level of individualized care to get to the root cause faster.


Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy YOUR way:

1. Contact Us To Schedule

Talk with Dr. Alli or Dr. Ashley to get your questions answered and find a time for your initial evaluation.

2. Build your Individualized Plan of Care

During your first visit you will be assessed by a certified pelvic rehabilitation practitioner & leave with an action plan.

3. Get The Results You Want!

We will guide you through your plan of care, making sure you have the tools necessary to build lasting relief! 



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Pelvic Affinity
Pelvic Health Therapy Services 
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Pelvic Affinity 
Pelvic Heath Therapy Services 
127 N Main Street 
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